How to Take a Screenshot on a PC

Knowing how to take a screenshot on Windows can be useful to you. To take a screenshot on Windows, getting the right tool is important. In this article, you will learn how to take a screenshot on a laptop using Online Screen Recorder.

How to take a screenshot on Windows using Online Screen Recorder

If you want to know how to take a screenshot on a PC, get Online Screen Recorder. This is a great tool, especially because of its functionality and intuitive interface. It also has an in-built feature of storing and sharing video and screenshots via its cloud service.
To screenshot using Online Screen Recorder, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Install the software

Download the software if you haven't already, and run the installation file. Simply follow the instructions on your screen. The program automatically opens when the installation is complete. There is a launch window with different options. Simply click Take a Screenshot. In fact, the app guides you on how to capture screen on Windows.

Step 2. Draw the capture area

A soon as the capture area selection mode is opened, you can set the cursor over the application window to be captured to get a picture of your screen. Click on it in order to select the area you want to screenshot. Set and size the capture frame by simply holding down the left mouse button while you drag the cursor around the area of the screen you want to capture. The screen grab app allows you to get a screenshot of a part of the screen or full screen. As soon as the capture interface shows, you can decide on a preset size from the Capture Area list.

Step 3. Edit the Screenshot (Optional)

Click Open in Editor within the preview window to run the Editor. You can then adjust the screenshot as you want: rotate, crop, add effects, adjust colors, and so on. To save the result, simply click Export and select any of these options: save on a computer or prepare for online sharing.

Step 4. Save the Screenshot

In case you don't want to edit or adjust the screenshot, you may simply proceed to save a screenshot on a desktop or prepare for online sharing on the cloud service. You can also print screen on your computer or copy the screen when you make a screenshot.

Step 5. Share the Screenshot via the Cloud (Optional)

If you want to send your screenshot to someone else without saving it to the PC, you can use Online Screen Recorder cloud service. When all the editing is done, click the Share icon on the toolbar. This will save the screenshot to the cloud and copy the link to it to your clipboard. So, if you press Ctrl + V, the link will be pasted to your message or email.
Below are some quick capture shortcuts you should know:

For full-screen screenshot: Shift + F8

For web page screenshot: Alt + F8

To repeat last screenshot: Ctrl + F8
You now know how to take a screenshot on a computer. By knowing how to take a screenshot on Windows, you have acquired an added basic skill, which can be useful for illustration and documentation. Online Screen Recorder, after you create a screenshot, allows you to not only save on your PC but also to save on its cloud service. In all, it is a very excellent tool for you when you want to take a screenshot on Windows.