Free Online Screen Recorder

Start communicate visually today and save your time for more important things. Improve your workflow with our free online screen recorder.
Screen capture role is undervalued today. We use screenshot apps to upload important videos or make full featured instructions, but only a few know that snipping tools improve our workflow. It is easier to take a high-quality screenshot or video of your desktop and send it than spend your time on empty talks.

That's why we made our product simple and handy for everyday use.

Why Choose our Free Screen Capture Software?

Show Your Screen Activity
Sometimes it is better to send a video than a screenshot. For this case, use our screen recorder with audio. Capture video with system sound or add your voice comments with mic.
Instant Screen Sharing
Send your screen image file's URL to colleagues so they can view it from any device in one click.
Understandable Explanation
Forget about failures because of the lost information. Use online screen recorder to quickly explain all that you need to everyone. Less discussions – more time. It's easy.
Save precious time
No one likes wasting their time explaining their ideas remotely. Our free screen recording software helps to make other people understand you from the first file!
Launch the program and choose what you want to capture: grab screen on PC in full hd or take a screenshot
Select full screen or an area, adjust audio settings and start capturing whatever you need.
Save your screen as a video/image file or share it with colleagues with instant sharing feature.

Step 1. Start Online Video Recorder

Step 2. Adjust Settings and Capture Your Computer Screen

Step 3. Save the Result

How the Screenshot Software Works

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