How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac

If you own a MacBook or iMac, you may be wondering how to take a screenshot on a Mac. We're here to help. Below is a step-by-step guide on screenshotting on Apple devices – regardless of whether you select a screenshot for personal or professional use.

How to do a Screenshot on a Mac

In order to take a screen grab on a Mac, you will want to use a particular piece of software called Online Screen Recorder. Online Screen Recorder is new software that can help you with a variety of tasks on your Mac device – including all of your screenshotting needs.

Step 1: Install the Software

In order to make a screenshot on a Mac, you should first download and install Online Screen Recorder. By scrolling to the end of the post, you can find the link to download the software. Simply click Try Free for MAC and you will be on your way. Upon downloading Online Screen Recorder, proceed through the prompts to complete the installation.

Step 2: Capture The Area to Screenshot

After installing and launching Online Screen Recorder, you can start answering that question of how to do a screenshot on a Mac. The simplest way is to click Take a screenshot. After clicking that button, you then use your mouse to drag around the area you want to capture in your screenshot.
Upon releasing your mouse, you will see that Online Screen Recorder lets you alter the area that you will capture. You can move the dragged-out dimensions to capture a separate part of your screen by clicking and holding the button with two intersecting arrows. You can also expand the selected area itself by dragging the edges of the selected area into whatever shape you'd like. Whatever you choose, it is easy to create a screenshot of a particular area of your screen. If you would like to start from scratch, you can simply press the X button to escape the editor. From there, you can restart the process by clicking Take a screenshot.
If you want the entire page screenshotted, you can leverage a shortcut for this screenshot. Simply drag your mouse around the entire screen. You can also opt for an easier solution by first clicking Quick capture shortcuts and then clicking on the image button at the bottom right of the menu. From there, you would select full screen screenshot. Essentially, this is a quick and easy way to get a full screenshot on your Mac.

Step 3: Add Features Before Finalizing the Screenshot (Optional)

After selecting the area that you want to capture in your screenshot, you have the opportunity to annotate your screenshot. Online Screen Recorder allows you to add items like lines, arrows, and frames to your screenshot. You can even highlight certain portions of your screenshot (and in different colors if necessary). Alternatively, you can proceed to a more in-depth editor (see step four below) which has additional editing features.

Step 4: Saving Your Screenshot

Once you are finished annotating your screenshot, you have several options when screenshotting on your Mac. You can copy your screenshot to the clipboard on your device. You can also save the screenshot locally. Finally, you have the option to save and edit your screenshot in a more powerful Online Screen Recorder editor. This editor includes even more features like resizing and cropping and adding text to your screenshot. Once you are done in the more detailed editor, you can also copy the screenshot to your clipboard or save it to your local device.

Step 5: Sharing Your Screenshot (Optional)

After saving your screenshot, you can also leverage one more option. Online Screen Recorder allows you to share and store your screenshot in the cloud. To do this, you simply need to click Share in the top toolbar. From there, you will see an option to upload your screenshot to Online Screen Recorder's cloud service. Online Screen Recorder makes it easy to screen capture on a Mac and send it to your friends, family, or colleagues.
An Easy Way to Screenshot

Ultimately, we hope to have answered your question of how to print screen on a Mac – whether you are obtaining a screenshot on a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or another device. Online Screen Recorder provides a quick and easy way to capture and copy the screen on your Mac. Whether you are screenshotting on Mac for business or pleasure, you can be confident that Online Screen Recorder will suit all of your needs.

If you want to get started taking a screenshot on a Mac, we encourage you to download Online Screen Recorder. To do so, please click the Try Free for MAC link below.