Google Chrome Screenshot Extension

In this article, you'll learn how to take a screenshot in Google Chrome in just a few seconds - no secret keyboard shortcuts or sophisticated plugins required. Just add on this free extension and get the best screenshot taker.

How to Take a Screenshot in Google Chrome

How often do you need to grab a webpage screenshot? We bet it's a regular part of your online activities. If you use the Google Chrome browser and don't have a screenshot app, take a look at the Movavi ScreenShot extension.

It's an easy-to-use, safe tool that enables you to take a screenshot of Chrome webpages at multiple sizes: full page screenshots, selected parts of the screen, or full screen capture (including your desktop and all open windows).
The guide below will help you to install the Google Chrome screenshot extension and start taking website screenshots.

Step 1. Install the Extension

Open the Movavi ScreenShot page and add hit the Add to Chrome button. The extension icon will appear in the top right corner of the page.

Step 2. Select the Size

Hit the screenshot icon and choose the size of the capture area:
  • full page screenshot. Capture the entire webpage without scrolling. Movavi ScreenShot will scroll the page automatically even if it's a mile long.
  • full screen. Grab the visible screen area, including control panel, open windows, tabs and messengers.
  • selected parts. Frame the area you want to capture. This way, you won't have to edit the image later to cut out unwanted pieces.

Step 3. Take your Screenshot in Chrome

When you've chosen the size, hit the appropriate icon and capture the website page.

Step 4. Save the Result

The screenshot will appear in a new tab. Click on the Save JPG button and choose a folder for the file.

Et voilà! Your screenshot has been grabbed and saved.
Screenshot Extention
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