How to Record WhatsApp Calls

If you have ever wondered how to record WhatsApp calls, this guide is for you. Most messengers don't offer an option to capture your calls, but luckily, third-party apps for WhatsApp call recording do the job just fine.

Using Online Screen Recorder as a WhatsApp Recorder

Recording your calls may be vitally important when it comes to important conversations, particularly work-related ones. While you can always retrieve message history, it is not always possible to remember everything that was said throughout a long talk. That's when Online Screen Recorder comes in handy: this universal desktop capturing tool is a perfectly practical WhatsApp recorder for all the voice and video calls you make.
Having your calls captured may save you a great deal of nerves: all of your deadlines, task details and meeting appointments will be stored in the memory of your computer. However, remember that capturing a video or voice call without the other party's concern can be illegal. Whenever possible, inform the members of the conversation that you are recording them, and never distribute the video without getting a permission from all the people involved.

Step 1. Download Online Video Recorder

Download the installation file from the official website. There are currently both options available for Windows or Mac OS. Once the file is downloaded, finalise the installation process.

Step 2. Prepare for the Call

Open WhatsApp on your desktop. Make sure your smartphone is fully charged: once it switches off, your computer will no longer have access to the messenger. Therefore, your phone must be kept nearby.

Step 3. Launch Your Online Video Recorder

Load the program and choose one of the two options on the sidebar: either quick full-screen recording or region recording. The difference between the two is obviously about the size of the area. Remember it's only worth recording what matter to the viewer, so only opt for full screen when you need it. For region recording, you are able to manually select the area you wish to record.

Step 4. Adjust Settings

Select the sound source: your microphone, speakers or both. Set the level of volume. Set the timer for your recorder if needed. If you are on a voice call, but you still want to see yourself in the recording, hit Webcam.

Step 5. Begin Capturing

Click the REC button to start your recording. You will see a small countdown first. So make sure you start capturing your screen before you make your call, so you don't miss its beginning. Hit the Stop button once you hang up.

Step 6. Edit and Save

The built-in editing instruments of the app allow you to cut your footage in bits, so you can always remove those parts of your conversation that you don't need. Once you are ready, click Save As, give your file a name and save in the right folder.
The bonus part of the Online Screen Recorder is that you can take screenshots during the call without disturbing the recording process. This feature is particularly useful if your interlocutors show you any slide or documents during the conversation.