How to Record Audio From a Computer

Whether you own a Mac or a PC, you may be wondering how you can record desktop audio. You have come to the right place. Read the guide below to determine how you can most easily record audio on your computer.

How to Record Desktop Audio

In order to best record sound from your computer, you will want to download software called Online Screen Recorder. Online Screen Recorder is a new piece of software that can help you with many critical tasks – like helping you record system audio.

Step 1: Download and Install Online Screen Recorder

To begin recording audio on your device, go online and download and install Online Screen Recorder. You can find the link to download the software by scrolling to the end of this post. Upon visiting Online Screen Recorder's website, download the software for your Mac or Windows device (including Windows 10). After you have downloaded the software, proceed through the prompts to complete the installation.

Step 2: Adjust Settings

Upon opening Online Screen Recorder, you will discover that you can select a number of options, from taking a screenshot to recording your screen. To record audio, you are going to want to record your screen. While you have three options, you will want to click on the camera icon. From there, simply drag your cursor around your screen. You will then see options to capture audio via your system audio or your microphone. To record from your microphone, you will need to grant Online Screen Recorder access to your mic and you can go from there.

Step 3: Start Recording

From there, you can press the red circular Rec button to start recording the internal audio. Speak into your system audio or your microphone to record your own voice. You can click Pause to pause the recording or click Stop to stop recording.

Step 4: Additional Edits and Saving

Once you are finished recording the screen with audio, you will enter the Online Screen Recorder editor. Here, you can make additional edits to your audio – like adjusting its volume. From there, you can save your creation to your disk or can upload it to the cloud, where you can easily share your recording with friends, family, or colleagues.

It's that simple.
We hope to have answered your question of how to record audio from a computer. By using Online Screen Recorder, you can quickly record any type of audio for future safekeeping. Whether you are seeking a recorder to record audio for business or for pleasure, you can leverage Online Screen Recorder for all of your audio recording needs.

If you want to get started recording audio on your Mac or Windows device, we encourage you to download Online Screen Recorder by clicking on the appropriate link below. We can't wait to see what you do!