How to Record a Streaming Video

Read the article below to gather some tips on how to record a streaming video on your computer. Whether you are looking to record streaming video for work or for pleasure, we encourage you to follow the step-by-step guide below.

How to Capture Streaming Video

To help you capture streaming video on your device, we are going to use Free Online Screen Recorder. Free Online Screen Recorder is a streaming video recorder that is powerful, easy-to-use, and specifically suited to accomplish this task. This live stream recorder is available on both Mac and Windows devices.

Step 1: Install Free Online Screen Recorder

To install Free Online Screen Recorder, you can click on the appropriate button bellow. After downloading Free Online Screen Recorder for your Mac or PC, simply follow the instructions to install the software.

Step 2: Begin Your Recording

Upon successfully installing Free Online Screen Recorder, you can begin to capture streaming video. First, open the program. By doing so, you will see that there is are two quick capture shortcuts. You can select Quick full screen recording or Quick region recording, depending on how much of your screen you want to capture. If you select Quick full screen recording, you will see a countdown before recording begins. If you select Quick region recording, you will have the opportunity to drag your mouse around the area you want to record. The countdown will then appear and recording will begin. If you are recording a video in your browser, for instance, you may find Quick region recording to be the better option.
Alternatively, you can start a recording by pressing the large camera icon after launching Free Online Screen Recorder. From there, you will use your mouse to drag around the area that you want to record. By doing this, you also have the option to capture a particular area for recording (including templates for YouTube), accessing your webcam, confirming your system audio, and even scheduling or setting a time limit for recording. Once you have selected your recording settings, will then press the large red REC button, view the countdown, and begin recording.

Step 3: Recording Your Video

After selecting the area you want to record, you will proceed to record your live stream or another internet video. When recording, you can select three options: the Cancel icon, the Pause icon or the Stop icon.
Canceling the video will allow you to back and redraw your recorded area as necessary. Pausing the video is self-explanatory. When you select the stop icon, your video will be saved and you will proceed to the editor. Everything that is in the selected area will be captured, including the movement of your cursor, so be aware of that as you are recording.

Step 4: Editing Your Recording

Once you are finished recording, you can proceed to the Free Online Screen Recorder editor. The editor has many helpful features, including the ability to save a frame of your recording, adjust playback volume, and even cut the video at a certain position. You can also access more features by registering for Free Online Screen Recorder Pro on its website. When you are satisfied with your edits, you can select the large Save as button to save the recording to your disk.

Step 5: Uploading Your Recording to the Cloud (Optional)

Besides saving your recording to your local disk, you can also save and share a copy of your recording online. Free Online Screen Recorder makes it easy to do this. All you have to do is click on Share on your toolbar and select the option that allows you to upload your recording to the cloud. In all likelihood, you will find using this feature to be much easier than attaching and emailing your recording to colleagues or friends.
Ultimately, what used to be a painful process has become much more straightforward. Free Online Screen Recorder makes it simple and fun to capture video online. Whether you need to capture a video for business or for pleasure, Free Online Screen Recorder can help.

If you are interested in further exploring Free Online Screen Recorder, you can download the software for free by clicking below.