How to Record Streaming Audio From the Internet

A streaming audio recorder allows music lovers to record or download their favorite songs as they stream live on the internet. Are you looking for how to trap songs from a website to your PC? Here is a cheat sheet to follow.

Step-by-Step Guide to Capture Streaming Audio from the Internet

Music heals the soul and mind. No wonder music lovers are always on the lookout for ways to save some for future listening. Thanks to streaming audio recorders, you can now extract free songs online and convert them to audio files you can save on your PC.

Step 1. Download and Install the Screen Recorder

The first step to enjoy a lifetime of unlimited music time is to download a screen recorder like a sound ripper and install it on your Windows PC or a Mac. Remember to run the software to begin recording.

Step 2. Fine Tune the Setting

The Screen Recorder comes with some preset features. To make it into your desired taste, you will have to fine tune or adjust the setting. For starters, you are required to configure the capture parameters. To do this, you need to select the websites you want to extract the songs from and set up the System Audio capture.

Step 3. Carefully Set Up the System Audio Capture

Setting up the System Audio capture is as easy they come. All you've got to do is to check if it is active or not. When active, the button is usually highlighted in green. Be sure to check for the 'green light' before capturing your audio files.

Another crucial hint is to keep noise as far as possible. Recording in a noisy environment would ruin the resultant file. Make sure the recording environment is completely free of any noise.

Step 4. Start Capturing

To initiate the process, simply click on the REC option and begin recording. It is crucial to start playback after the countdown which usually lasts for 3 seconds. Once completed, you can stop the recording and preview the recorded segment before saving.

Step 5. Review and Save Your Recording

To ensure you grabbed the complete file, make sure you review the recorded segment and save the file. Click Save as to export the file.
Now you know how to record streaming audio. A sound ripper comes in handy when you need to capture streaming audio from the internet. With this recorder, you can extract as many songs as you want from any website. Even plenty enough to last a lifetime. The streaming audio recorder also doubles as a downloader. Therefore, you do not need to stream the songs before downloading. Free Online Screen Recorder got you covered!