How to Record Skype Calls

It is possible to monitor and record an ongoing Skype conversation, audio, or video. In very simple and practical steps, here is a guide on how to record Skype calls – the onscreen visuals and audios.

How to Record Skype Meeting using Free Online Screen Recorder

Calls are done for important purposes such as meetings, sending important information; and it can be for fun moments among friends and families. One of the widely known tools that allow internet calls for business, professional, and family meetings is Skype.

There are important reasons to record Skype meetings. For professional purposes, you might want to keep tabs on a meeting or an interview, get important information or write a minute of the meeting; hence, you choose to record a live meeting to be sure that you are not missing out on important details. Moments with family and friends are always treasurable. Those moments are worth capturing, such that we can take time to reminisce and watch the fun, laughter, and reaction again.

In the face of these, recording streaming audios or streaming videos becomes important. Hence, it 'how to record Skype calls', either video calls or just the voice, how to record streaming videos, how to record on-screen events, are common internet inquiries among other related searches.

Without the abs and hassles, you can record Skype meeting (audio or video) or any other form of conversational software or by using Free Online Screen Recorder. Free Online Screen Recorder is a Skype video recorder or any other form on-screen streaming recorder that allows you to record calls, videos, and audios. For the sake of compatibility and effective working, there are two available Free Online Screen Recorder options: one is for Windows PC and the other for Mac. Hence, you can use it with your choice of PC by installing the appropriate one for your PC with either the Windows OS or Mac. This software can record any conversation or meeting, either Skype or any other conversational software.

Please, note that recording of a Skype session without the permission of the other party on the end of the line might be an illegal act, depending on the rules of your country. Besides, it is only formal and polite to let whoever is conversing with you know that you would like to record the conversation.

In simple steps, here is how you can record Skype using Free Online Screen Recorder.

Step 1: Install the Software

Open the downloaded installation file and install the software on your PC. Launch it and allow it to make changes to your PC, upon request. The setup is automatic and once it is complete, it is ready for use. Yes, getting started is as simple as that!

Step 2: Choose Your Preference to Start Recording

Once open, you are brought to a lively screen of amazing tools and taskbar that gets you ready to start recording. Free Online Screen Recorder is an amazing tool that allows you to personally record, modify, and manage your recording. Once you launch the software on your PC, you are to choose one of the two options: Quick full-screen recording or Quick region recording

Quick screen recording: gives you the opportunity to record everything happening on your entire screen. You are given a countdown before the recording begins; it allows you to organize yourself and your screen before the actual recording commences.
The Quick region recording: allows you to record just a portion of your screen, according to your desire. You would only have to drag your mouse across what part or region of your screen you want to record during the conversation or streaming video.

Step 3: Using the Camera/Capture Icon

Alternatively, you can tap on the camera icon that appears after you have launched your Free Online Screen Recorder. From there, you can drag your mouse across your screen to mark the area you want to record.

Step 4: Capture a Screen and Test Functionality

You have the advantage to screen-shoot or capture any part of your screen while recording a Skype call or video. You can confirm the functionality of your system audio, schedule a time limit for your recording, and access your webcam without interfering. The flexibility of Free Online Software Screen Recorder provides you with three options – to pause, stop, or to cancel the recording.

Step 5: Edit Your Recorded Skype Call

Also, you have the option to edit your screen capture. This good tool can be useful when you record Skype meetings. You are able to edit important parts, trim them, and in fact, formally prepare them for submission if would be required for an official purpose. You are totally in charge of your recording. It is a more professional tool than many video recorders' in-built tools.

Step 6: Store in Cloud (Optional)

You have an optional choice of saving your recorded videos and screen capture on your PC or keep it away in cloud storage. You can also share the recording with your contacts or party involved in the chats. To do this, you only have to click on the Share option from your toolbar. From there, you can upload or share your recording. It is quite easier and less time-consuming than having to look for the containing folder and having to share or attach before you can forward to your contacts.

Step 7. Save the Recording

If you want to keep the recording on your computer, click the Save as button, select a folder, and click Save. The recording will be saved to the target folder as an MP4 video.

Once on the recording mode, the program tracks, and records every activity being displayed on the screen as visuals and other sounds around the PC as audio. Therefore, you should be careful about how you operate your screen and move your mouse or cursor across the screen. You should also try to keep background noise to the possible minimum so that you can have a clear recording without any interference and you can enjoy it later when you want to watch or listen to it again.