How to Record Desktop for Free with an Online Screen Recorder

In this post, we will show you the step-by-step guide on how to record the desktop for free.

How to Record Desktop for Free with Free Desktop Recording Software?

How can you easily record desktop for free? Most folks faced the necessity to record computer screen. A tip: you need to restructure some arrangement of your activities or record a webinar, gameplay, etc. Whatever your goal, you're going to need a free desktop recording software. This is a kind of software that records both the microphone and system audio of your desktop.

Step 1: Installation of the Software

Download the free desktop recorder and run it on your Windows. After the installation, click Start and the record desktop for free will open automatically. You will see a launch window giving options. To record your PC screen, click the button of a video recorder.

Step 2: Adjust the Capture Settings

To choose a recording area, put your cursor on the application window you are going to capture and click on it. You can size and position your capture frame by pressing down your left mouse button and drag the cursor throughout the portion of your screen you wish to capture. Pull the edges if you want to adjust the recording frame. Once the capture interfaces show, pick your preset size from the Capture Area list.
Choose the type of audio you wish to use when recording the sound: speakers or microphone. Click the icon for every sound source you desire and adjust their volume level.
You can also go to the menu Effects and choose the appropriate options – Cursor Effects or Keystroke Recording. If you wish to set the time of your recording, click the Schedule Recording option on the menu Capture. Now you're ready to record a desktop video for free.

Step 3: Capture Screen Activity on your PC

Click the REC button, and the recording will begin after a quick countdown. If you wish to take some break, click the Pause button. If you want to end the session, click Stop. The preview window will open, and the video is saved on your computer in an MKV format.

Step 4: Edit and Save it on Cloud

In the preview window, you can trim the recording the way you need. Then click the Save As icon and choose the format you wish from the quick access panel and click Save. If you prefer to send the recording to someone without saving it on your computer, use the cloud service. Just click the Share button on the toolbar.
Advantages of Free Desktop Recording Software

  • Efficiency
  • Annotation tools
  • Fewer distractions
  • Webcam flexibility
  • Display mouse click
  • Record tab audio on Windows and Mac

No doubt, this freeware undoubtedly offers lots of efficiency on your task.