Best Google Chrome Extensions

If you're using Google Chrome, you've probably already installed a couple of extensions for the browser. But do you know all of the benefits you can get with those little programs? Read our list of top Chrome extensions and make your browsing experience even more enjoyable.

Top Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome extensions are small software programs that operate within the browser. Using them, you can customize your web experience in countless ways. Installing an extension usually takes just a couple of minutes. Once you've done, you can see its logo icon on your navigation bar along with other add-ons and use it anytime you need it.
The best thing about extensions is that you get much more functionality to your browser without installing a separate program or app, which usually takes more effort, more time and more space on your hard drive.
In Google Chrome, the variety of extensions is huge. You can choose the ones that will help you to stay organized and work more effectively, be productive and make your work life easier and more enjoyable. We've chosen the best Google Chrome extensions you can find on the Chrome web store and rounded them up to three categories: Productivity, Social and Communication, Developer tools.


Want to be more productive at work, complete tasks faster and easier, clear your mind and concentrate? Let's see which of the best Google Chrome extensions might help you with it.
One of the must-have Chrome extensions for almost everybody, as all of us take screenshots sometimes. This free program will help you to take a screengrab of the entire web page, or only the part of it that is opened on your screen right now, or just a small part of the screen. Once you made the shot, you can save it in multiple formats.
One of the most useful extensions for those who send and get tons of emails every day. Want to know whether your colleague has already read your email or not? It's easy with Mailtrack! The extension integrates into your Gmail or Inbox interface – you'll see additional markers on every sent email showing whether it has been read or not. You can also get real-time notifications once your emails are opened by the addressee.
Another must-have among the Chrome extensions. This tool keeps all your usernames and passwords from different platforms safe and secure. LastPass saves all of them and autologins on every website you need it. Once you install this extension, you can forget all of your passwords. Remember just one – the one for the extension.

Social and Communication

Find top Chrome extensions that will help you get most of your social media experience.
Sometimes words are just not enough. That is when we use emojis! With the Emoji Keyboard extension, you can use them everywhere. And that will make your so much easier especially if you're not a Mac user. The keyboard is constantly updating, the variety of emojis is growing. But still, it's quite easy to navigate the keyboard thanks to the awesome searching system.
This social network tracking extension will show you all the important stats right on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch TV. You'll see statistics on every video you're watching. The channel grade, subscriber and view rank, estimated monthly earnings, tags and many other indicators will be shown in a small box near the video.
Don't want to miss updates from your friends who rarely post on social media? Try Ketchup extension. It will help you to catch up with people and topics you really care about on your own terms. The program provides a basic configurative algorithm. It forms a digest of posts made by your friends within a selected interval of time so that you can manage your time and read everything whenever you want.

Developer tools

Some of Google Chrome extensions will definitely make your web development experience much easier and fun!
Wonder what is running this website? Use WhatRuns to find out! This extension will show you everything: Developer Tools, Add Networks, Themes, WordPress Plugins. Moreover, it will discover new and upcoming tools. By the way, when there's something new used on the website you like, you'll get a notification as you can follow pages and observe the changes there.
ColorZilla is one of the most popular Firefox extensions for copying colors from web pages. And now it's finally available for Google Chrome! The program will help you to get the color of any pixel on the page or a whole color palette of the site.
When you want to know what to improve on your webpage, use Lighthouse! This is an open-source automated tool that audits sites and offers solutions on how to make them work better in a quick report. This is the best choice if you're willing to improve the performance, quality, and correctness of your web apps.