How to Record Screen for Free

Learning how to record screen is important. If you want to record screen on Windows, there are a number of tools available. In this article, we will introduce you to Online Screen Recorder.

How to Record Computer Screen for Free

To help you to know how to record computer screen for free, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to use Online Screen Recorder when you are about to do a screen recording.
Check out the steps below to discover how you can use Online Screen Recorder to record PC screen:

Step 1. Download and Run the software

In case you don't have the app, first, download the software so that you can run the app. Then pay attention to the instructions on your screen for capturing video from screen. The app automatically opens as soon as the installation is done for you to take a video of the screen. If you already have the app, just click on it to open it. You will see a launch window with various options, simply select Record Screen to create a screen video.

Step 2. Arrange the Screen Record Settings

Immediately the record range selection mode has been opened, place the cursor over the application window to film and click on it so as to select the recording area. You can also adjust the capture frame by just pressing the left mouse button down as you drag the cursor over the screen section you desire to capture. To manually adjust the recording frame, simply pull on the edges until you get the frame you want. Immediately the capture interface appears, you can select a preset size within the Capture Area option.
Afterward, you can select the sound source you want between the microphone, speakers, or even both, then set the volume level.
In order to bring up the cursor as well as display keyboard actions, simply go to the Effects menu and choose your preferences, either Cursor Effects or Keystroke Recording. Also, with the Schedule Recording feature, you can adjust the duration of the recording or choose the precise times for the capturing process to begin and stop.

Step 3. Initiate Screen Record

Select the REC icon to begin screen record. The screen recording will start following a short countdown.

Step 4. Pause or Stop Screen Recording

Click the Pause icon to take a break, and click the Stop icon to finish the screen record. There are some hotkeys to use: click on F9 to pause/resume screen record, F10 to stop screen record, or F8 to get a still screenshot.

The preview window opens immediately you click Stop. The video is then saved automatically on your computer in MP4 format.
Now, that you know one of the best ways how to record screen on PC using Online Screen Recorder, let's check out how to record screen using the Windows 10's Game Bar, which is intended for recording games. Although a part of Windows 10 (so that no download required), it's well hidden, so to find and use it, you need to tap Windows + G and click Yes, this is a game showing on your monitor. Now click Start Recording. To stop recording, press Windows + Alt + R. However, not all Windows 10 devices can make use of Game Bar. To capture your screen with it, you need a video card supporting certain encoders such as Intel Quick Sync H.260, Nvidia NVENC, or AMD VCE. Also, there are no editing features or options to change the format of the recording.
In learning how to record laptop screen, you will find Online Screen Recorder to be an easy way out. It is designed with the right functionality, intuitive interface as well as presentation to help you effectively record your PC screen. An exciting feature of Online Screen Recorder is the in-built function that allows you to store and share videos and screenshots on its cloud service. Therefore, whether you want to capture a browser session, a live stream or anything on your PC, Online Screen Recorder is the best app for you.